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"I still have hope" has been such a powerful, mind-changing song for me since I was diagnosed with breast cancer. None of the medical equipment found this cancer tumor. I did. None of the medical equipment could have found it because the tumor was in my armpit. I believe that God was speaking to me by sending me this constant vision of my husband holding our puppy and looking sad. I was a little angry, asking God "now what? My husband just lost his mother, his brother almost died and I know he can't endure any more pain." Then I remembered that I forgot to go get a mammogram. I am going back to school and life is busy. So I did the self-check and sure enough, tumor in armpit (actually found two). I believe God led me, because He is merciful, to find that first tumor. I am stage 2a and about to start chemo. I am a health nut every one is in shock. I love "Hope in Front of Me" because even when I sat there stunned, I know my God was leading me. I will survive this because I believe and that song, those lyrics are what I listen when I have a freak out in the middle of the night. God bless you, Danny Gokey. You have undergirded my faith with your words and helped me remember that God will strengthen me in my unbelief.