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"When Danny Gokey was on "American Idol," he was invited into the households of thousands each week. The Milwaukee native, mourning the loss of his first wife, Sophia, he used music as a therapy for coping with the loss. People seemed to identify with his story and his voice to propel him to a third-place finish.

Flash forward to this week, and I'm chatting with Gokey on the phone as he travels into New York. He's about to hit the road, supporting his sophomore album, "Hope in Front of Me."

"I was just in Milwaukee last weekend," Gokey said, as the cell signal started to crackle as he was heading into the Lincoln tunnel.

We chatted a bit about when we last saw him on television and the work he's been doing to get this latest effort to the people.

"Well, I signed with a new label, BMG, and they have been great," Gokey said. "They gave me so much creative freedom I co-wrote nine of the 11 songs on the album. They said, 'listen, we are in no rush here,' and that was refreshing."

Gokey's single "Hope in Front of Me," the title track from the album, has already been released. The song is climbing the Top 30 on Christian Radio charts, and is crossing over to other genres as well. The upbeat tune leads the album, that will be fully released on June 24."

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